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A new way to share your favourite Youtube content!

Our plugin is available on all desktops using Chrome! Install now to get started!

How to use YouSync?

Using YouSync is super easy, just follow these 4 steps

Install YouSync

To begin, click on the download link and install the YouSync Chrome extension. In one click, the extension will be added to your browser on the top-right hand corner with our logo.

Start a Room

First, you need to create a room. Go to a Youtube video, click on the YouSync extension and select the Create tab. Your room has a name by default, but you are free to choose a name you like. When you are satisfied, press the Start button to create the room.

Share the room name

Your room is now active, congrats! Click on the Share button to copy the link and send it to your friends. You can also send only the room name. Once your guests are connecting, they will be automatically synced with the video you are currently watching.

Join the room

When the room is open, you have two ways to connect to it.
The first option is to connect using the link sent by the host. This will redirect you to the Youtube video played by the host and you will be synced automatically.
You can also connect manually. For this, you need to go to Youtube and click on the Join tab in the YouSync extension, then enter the room name and press Start.
You can now fully enjoy the videos played by your host!

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